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Exclamation Forum Rules Permitted File Hosts, Recommended/Banned Image Hosts

Dear Love Sex Board members,

Love Sex Board management has come to a conclusion that all forum members would greatly benefit if there were just a few Permitted hosts. The benefits include ease of use, simplicity, safety and security and substantial financial savings for our members.

File Hosting Services:


Image Hosting Services:

Extensive testing and research was carried out by Love Sex Board staff and weve come up with the following list of recommended Image hosting services:

PimpAndHost - Free image hosting & image Sharing - Image hosting - Image Hosting and Image Upload
Fast, Free Image Hosting - ImageBam
ImageTwist - Free Image Hosting & Photo sharing

Forbidden following genres:
CP, ZOO, Scat, Piss, Rape, Violence, Drugged, Sleeping, Drunk, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Incest

Link Protectors:
All Link Protectors and/or Link Shorteners are strictly prohibited!

This decision is based on the fact that these kinds of services compromise security and safety of Love Sex Board members and guests.

All these changes are effective immediately. Anyone who attempts to violate this policy in any way, use other file or image hosting services will be banned.

Thank you for your attention,
Love Sex Board Management.
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